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by Laura Mattas

When ice crystals and the harsher snow rains down upon the frozen land of Coldspring one can at times make out a pale blue figure in its midst and the next day travelers thought to be forever lost in the blizzard appear with no memory of their fate. But they are not at a loss for their answer lies in the story of the first settlers and their encounter with the great frost dragon Kalt. It was a dark desolate fate, that first brought the settlers to the land of Coldspring, having suffered much from their long journey, they could wander no farther, for their numbers had been reduced by nearly a half from sickness and hunger. It was in the prayers of the young boy Ejod by the spring at night that brought salvation to the group. Lingering closely was Kalt the Kind, a dragon of enormous empathy, he took the boy upon his wing as he fell to sleep that night shivering, and took him out to his great cavern carved by his frosty blast out of a glacier. Upon waking, Ejod saw a giant pale blue dragon, whose body seemed almost entirely made of snow and ice and in his teeth dangled the body of a seal. The boy ate and slowly his strength returned. Back at the village Ejod returned with food for the remaining, and with the help of Kalt, they prospered. They were taught to hunt and fish,to protect themselves and build great houses out of ice. Kalt became revered and Frost Dragons a well respected friend.

By Laura Mattas

In the days of the great war, Coldspring found it’s raging fire in the tragic death of Kalt. After the battle, the new fallen snow could not even hide the dark crimson it covered, hundreds of skilled warriors were gone after that day. It came down to Ejod and Elreik in the midst of the battlefield. Elreik’s great powers of cruelty and mastery of sword were at match the Ejod’s skillful tactics with the katana. Elriek came to the peak of desperation and lashed out at Ejod landing a blow in his leg. Kalt hearing his great friend’s cry flapped his wings blowing out half the army into the icy waters of the tarn. Left and right Kalt fought off the invaders, Elreik howled in agitation and from the depths of his corrupted soul came a breath of fire that could only be from Voldsom. With a leap covering several hundred feet, he bounded to meet the great frost dragon. It was there above the spring that the hellfire of Voldsom met the Icy blast of Kalt. The great beast fought long and hard against the Demon but in one final blast, from Elriek’s mouth Kalt was no more and fell onto the earth defeated. Ejod limping as fast as he could made it to him just before his eyes closed on the world. It was then that myth would have it that Ejod ran up to Elriek and stabbed him directly in the heart. Elreik merely withdrew the weapon with fire in his eyes, for he was no longer a being of mortal. he had no heart. They left Coldspring that day, but Ejod never forgot and vowed to avenge his friend.

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