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Verden and the tragedy of Efnia

By Laura Mattas
Painting by Laura Mattas

Legend speaks of our great land’s beginnings in the destruction of another. Long ago a terrible dragon ravaged the world of Verden. The beast was given the name Voldsom for his great display of violence he showed to the people. He would destroy villages upon villages to slake his terrible hunger, sparing not even the youngest of man. Eventually he grew tired and slept. That was when the great gathering of elves, dwarves and man assembled. They took the mountain that Voldsom slept in and with help of the more friendly of the beasts caved it in upon him. For centuries he dwelt in his cavern, never did it show any movement, allowing the people to delight in the peace following his presumed death. It was then that they were able again to prosper underneath the great tree, Efnia, who offered sanctuary from the scorched earth under her great leaves and roots, providing food and water for all beings who survived the purge. Efnia grew in this time under such good care, that her roots dug into the core of Verden. Voldsom’s name became that of myth and he was soon forgotten in the Utopia. Good things seldom last however.

One day, the great earth of Verden quaked and the mountain in which Voldsom lied under shifted and out of the rubble, breaking through the ground came two enormous wings. Voldsom had awakened. Once again the great beings of Verden assembled as fear clutched at their hearts not knowing the extent of the beasts horrible vengeance. They amassed an army to protect their people and Efnia, but Voldsom was stronger after his rest. War overcame the world and for years they fended him off until Voldsom grew tired of feeding off villages and seeked the fruit of the great tree. Three champions rose to defend, Evelyn of the Elves, Torden of Man and Mutlagg of dwarven blood. On the back of the dragon OlricK the rode out to fight, but Voldsom being a sly creature hid behind a far off mountain until they passed. Then the vile beast took to the skies and reached Efnia. With a great and powerful blast he unleashed his hellfire upon Efnia. As the fire caught and reached her roots, the whole world was set ablaze. The heros made great haste, but the damage was done. Efnia had fallen, splitting Verden in two. After much battle, Voldsom was slain. In what remained of Efnia’s trunk, appeared an ornately carved door, and behind it lay the fair Island.

Survivors of the great attack were sent through, bringing with them all the little that they could muster. Voldsom’s corpse was guarded until the last of creatures was gone, so that none might take with them any part of the furious evil to the new world. Before leaving Evelyn planted the last seed of Efnia so that one day she might again grow and they could return home, but as the door closed on Verden, it closed forever and disappeared as soon as the last person stepped onto the island.