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Dragon Meadow

by Laura Mattas

“For those seeking adventure, promises it holds,
for those seeking treasure, they shall find their weight in gold, for those seeking the glory of a dragon slain, all their efforts shall be in vain.”

Many a night shall pass in whith a dwaf will sing such words with their hearty voice around a crackling fire. Dragons and Dwarves have always been bound to live amoungst the other, you see, legend tells of this in the early days of Westernview with the great dragon Viekas and the dwarf Turhuus. Thurhuss was an idle dwarf, little time did he work in the mine or on his fields. He was always dreaming of the lost riches of the dragons and the glory that came to the one who should find it. He left his small village that was carved into the mountain and set forth onto untrodden ground that lay forbidden to any creature, for fear of aggravating the ferocious beasts and spirits that make home there. He journened for well over a fortnight, seeking refuge from storms and the cold in caves and passing the time with merry songs. Eventually on a bitter cold night, Turhuss stopped in a great cave that seemed to streched on without end back into the mountain, lining its walls were great jewels. Turhuus could hardly contain his excitement and rushed along mining each gem out of the cave. Further along he found a room of solid gold with a great golden statue of a dragon inside. As he set to filling his rucksack full, the horrid clanking of metal he made, in his greedy haste seemed to have startled the statue into waking. Thunderous flaps of two giant wings brought into the cave a great wind that knocked Turhuus over. After coming to his senses he realized he was intruding on the cavern of the dragon Viekas, a ferocious beast known well for his power of deception rose and moved swiftly over to Turhuus, bearing a toothy grin. It was here a great ultimatum was made, in Turhuus’ cowardice, he gave word and blood to seal the agreement that in exchange for his life, no axe or sword wielded by dwarven kind would wound a dragon of the west.

By Laura Mattas

In the light of a full moon, while wandering the vacant fields of Dragonsmeadow, one can still hear the legend of the war being whispered through its rolling hills, as it fills your soul with wonder, you find yourself transported to a further time, where the skies turned red under a fiery dawn. The great times of darkness were coming to an end as all the warriors from every kingdom gathered in the hills awaiting the final stand from Elreik’s army. The signal flames atop the western mountain blazed but still no dwarven allies had shown. in the dusky haze of the setting sun, lookouts from on high reported the approaching mass of dark soldiers blazing through the fields. The hour of decision had come. As the enemy war chants grew louder, as if echoing their footsteps, the army of Kings stood united and strong. As the moon rose over the meadow all was still, and then from the bowen at the ready, came the first onslaught of fire arrows illuminating the field, revealing the enemy army that covered many of the hills and pastures. As the arrows fell, a cry was heard and the battle for the Island had begun. Steel met Steel emitting the grotesque metallic sound throughout the valley that overshadowed the sound made from the firing of catapults. Even the best of warriors were slain that day as the ground trembled under such ferocity. Just as the troops of the Kings’ army dwindled and fell back. A great wind blew from the west. Dragons of the mountains and caves from the north came bringing their dwarven brethren and warriors. With a great and terrible roar they unleashed upon the enemy the most pure hellfire, fueled by their passionate hearts. Dawn had not yet rose in the east but the sky glowed red from the dragons radiant flames. Elriek’s army perished as did the evil lord himself by the blade of Ejod on the back of Espen. Again the land was free of the demonic evil placed upon it by Voldsom and was able to prosper.
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Aug 12, 2013, 7:59 PM
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