There is no win condition on Econ Island. The goal of the game is to become more productive and have more influence through trade, politics, technology, or military conquest. Each kingdom has essential needs: waterfood, and energy. These needs are satisfied through production, trade, or conquest with other player-controlled kingdoms. Students must interact with each other as no kingdom can stand alone. Students lead 16 ancient and proud kingdoms (atlas here). The 16 kingdoms are:

Coldspring (.pfd): Front    Back
Whitemist (.pfd)Front    Back
Highrose (.pfd)Front    Back
Riverhaven (.pfd)Front    Back
Shadelake (.pfd)Front    Back
Pinemoor (.pfd)Front    Back
Clearkeep (.pfd)Front    Back
Fairvale (.pfd)Front    Back
Irongrass (.pfd)Front    Back
Dragon Meadow (.pfd)Front    Back
Blackspring (.pfd)Front    Back
Apple Valley (.pfd)Front    Back
Brightmaple (.pfd)Front    Back
Oceanway (.pfd)Front    Back
Westernview (.pfd)Front    Back
Whitecoast (.pfd)Front    Back

Beyond the basic requirements for survival, each kingdom can be customized through the acquisition and spending of Realm Points. Realm Points are awarded by the teacher for completion of content-based assessments, assignments, or tasks of their choosing. The more assignments and tasks the students complete, the more Realm Points are awarded by the teacher. Realm Points are the only currency in the game and the engine that drives all incremental game advancement. Players may incrementally improve their kingdom’s farming, production, and military might. Each kingdom can evolve from the Stone Age to a modern technological wonder. The more time spent on teacher-developed classroom assignments (learning), the more evolved and powerful a player’s kingdom will become.
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Aug 14, 2013, 8:26 AM
Mike Mosall II,
Aug 14, 2013, 8:26 AM
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