If a player cannot produce enough water, food, or energy to satisfy the requirements of their kingdom, he/she will need to trade, purchase from other players (using Realm Points), or plunder through combat the requirements from other players.

If a player can not satisfy their kingdom’s requirements through production, trade, purchase, or plunder, the kingdom will suffer a -5 penalty to Total Military calculations for each water, food, and energy that was required and not satisfied.


At Realm Rank 13, the kingdom of Cold Spring requires 3 Water, 3 Food, and 3 Energy. The player who rules Cold Spring could only provide 3 Water, 3 Food, and 1 Energy. The kingdom will suffer a -10 (-5 + -5) penalty next turn to to Total Military calculations.

Mike Mosall II,
Aug 14, 2013, 9:36 AM