Realm points are the engine that drives Econ Island v3. They are awarded to players based on the teacher’s discretion through the completion of classroom assignments, assessments, and tasks. We recommend that teachers develop a consistent, fair, and predictable manner for awarding Realm Points. The more Realm Points a student acquires, the most powerful their kingdom will become.

Example of Realm Point Rubric:

1 Realm Point: Satisfactory completion of short (5 to 10 minute) assignment
2 Realm Points: Perfect completion of short (5 to 10 minute) assignment
2 Realm Points: Satisfactory completion of large (full class) assignment
4 Realm Points: Perfect completion of large (full class) assignment

This list is certainly not exhaustive. Realm Points could be awarded for homework, attendance, attitude, group work, presentations, tasks, etc. The amount of Realm Points awarded, per student, should not exceed 9,000 for the entire length of the game (month, semester, academic year, etc.). Awarding large amounts of Realm Points will create balance issues in the game. Teachers should scale their rubrics accordingly.

It is recommended that Realm Points be "bound" to the student after they are acquired  In other words, they should not be traded to other players via in-game transactions. 

Additionally, many of the cards that players purchase with have a special recipe ingredient called Forgotten Lore

This is a special card that should randomly be given to students as an additional reward for assignment, assessment or task completion. Forgotten Lore cards will be very valuable, as they are needed to purchase many sought after cards.

Realm Points are used for three purposes:
Advancing in Realm Rank
2) Satisfying the water, food, and energy requirements of the player’s kingdom through production. 
3) Upgrading their kingdom’s traits, military, and technological progress.
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