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By Cassidy McCabe

The kingdom of Riverhaven is embraced with the warm and beautiful climate of a late spring. The land is practically split in two, each angled downward to the border they're united by, none other than a river. Along this heavily rushing water-path, the earth is granted rich and nourishing minerals that promises a pure and healthy bounty for the kingdom's people.

Where the river is a perfect way of trade, transportation, and food production, the extremely low ground level makes the kingdom prone for flooding in a rainstorm, and vulnerable in an ambush from it's neighboring kingdoms.

Another disadvantage to these rivers are the dastardly Grindylows that plague the waters. These grindylows are slimy, long-fingered beasts that love cold water, coming out in the late fall to early spring. These pests love to kidnap the ignorant children of the kingdom who swim during grindylow season, and drag them down to the depths, where they become the monsters’ food.