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By Laura Mattas

“It starts with a song, one sung by a voice so sweet that it resonates within your soul, and its charming melody never ceases to dwindle in your thoughts. The desire to see from where it originates can almost consumes a man. Through the shadows of the forest you will wonder until you come to a lake encompassed within. Almost certainly there she shall be. Her beauty will leave you in awe as you find yourself moving in a trance-like state towards this glorious creature. As you approach she welcomes you next to her where you will notice her legs to be but one large and scaly fin. Her eyes and rosy
cheeks will force you to forget, as you lean in to kiss her, her teeth grow to that of fangs, her once beautiful skin becomes inflamed and horns sprout, her nails become lethal talons and you will be all but petrified in pure terror as she rips you limb from limb or takes you down to the depths of her tarn to feast on your bones with her sisters.”

This is a common tale from those whom reside in areas near the Lake for many a man will be gone missing and never return. This specific tragedy was told by Felis to the tavern owner about the fate of his friend, Niros. Shortly after being dismissed he vanished from the town. Search parties were sent but to no avail until one day, bones of men were found on the lake bed and
surely not far off began the singing, and shortly thereafter….the screaming.

Mike Mosall II,
Aug 12, 2013, 8:34 AM
Mike Mosall II,
Aug 12, 2013, 8:32 AM